100 Best Sites for Design Inspiration in 2024

100 Best Sites for Design Inspiration in 2024

100 Best Sites for Design Inspiration in 2024

Finding the right references is key to creating quality designs. In this article, we've compiled over 100 of the best web resources for design inspiration across 16 categories: UI/UX, mobile apps, e-commerce, dark interfaces, portfolios, motion, advertising, and more. Such a large selection of materials will significantly simplify the search for the right materials and help you start working with high-quality work. Let’s go!


  1. Mobbin (Freemium) – A large collection of mobile templates.
  2. Behance (Free) – A library of interfaces from designers around the world.
  3. Dribbble (Free) – A popular platform for designers focusing on short visual works or "shots".
  4. Nicelydone (Freemium) – Carefully selected components and design templates.
  5. Design Spells (Free) – Inspiration for various design directions, including UI/UX.
  6. Refero (Freemium) – Design inspiration and links to specific projects.
  7. Recent Design (Free) – The latest trends and inspiration in UI/UX design.
  8. Collect UI (Free) – Daily inspiration from designers worldwide.
  9. UX Bites (Freemium) – Ideas and inspiration focused on user interaction design.
  10. Design Vault (Free) – A large repository of design resources and templates.

Web Design

  1. Awwwards (Free) – A showcase of the best web designs.
  2. Godly (Free) – A collection of websites.
  3. Siteofsites (Free) – Exemplary web design in various categories.
  4. httpster (Free) – New and innovative websites for inspiration.
  5. MaxiBestOf (Free) – A selection of the best web design examples.
  6. Siteinspire (Free) – Discover the latest trends and web design projects.
  7. The FWA (Free) – Award-winning interactive and creative projects.
  8. Minimal.gallery (Free) – A collection of beautiful and functional websites.
  9. Landing Love (Free) – Showcasing the best animated websites.
  10. InspoVault (Free) – A repository of inspiring web designs.

Dark Mode Websites

  1. Dark mode design (Free) – Websites in dark mode.
  2. Dark (Free) – A collection of the best dark sites.

Unconventional Sites

  1. Browsing mode (Free) – Extreme web design.
  2. Dead Simple Sites (Free) – The smallest sites collected in one place.
  3. Brutal Web (Free) – Brutal web design.
  4. The Whimsical Web (Free) – Unique and whimsical sources of web design inspiration.
  5. Hoverstat.es (Free) – Experimental web design projects.

Inspiration for Specific Parts of a Website

  1. Navbar.gallery (Free) – References for the navigation bar.
  2. Footer.design (Free) – Creative footer design.
  3. OGimage.gallery (Free) – A collection of attractive OG images.
  4. 404s (Free) – Unique and creative 404 error page designs.

Mobile App Inspiration

  1. Mobbin (Freemium) – A large collection of mobile app design templates.
  2. Handheld design (Free) – Unique and inspiring mobile interfaces.
  3. Screenlane (Free) – A visual gallery of the best mobile interface designs.
  4. UXArchive (Free) – Compare user flows and UX patterns in popular mobile apps.
  5. UI sources (Freemium) – High-quality screen recordings and mobile app interfaces.
  6. Appshots (Paid) – Screenshots of mobile apps for design inspiration.
  7. Page Flows (Free + Paid) – Videos and screenshots of user interfaces for mobile apps.
  8. Scrnshts (Free) – A collection of inspiring mobile app screenshots.
  9. iOS icon gallery (Free) – Icons for iOS apps.


  1. Auto Interfaces (Free) – Interfaces for automotive companies.
  2. HUDS + GUIS (Free) – A source of inspiration for heads-up displays and graphical user interfaces.

Inspiration for SaaS and Web Apps

  1. Nicelydone (Free + Paid) – A collection of SaaS designs.
  2. SaaSFrame (Free + Paid) – A large library of SaaS designs.
  3. SaaS interface (Free + Paid) – Examples of well-designed SaaS interfaces.
  4. W3Design (Free + Paid) – Examples of SaaS and web app design.
  5. SaaSpo (Free) – Showcasing SaaS product designs.
  6. SaaS screenshots (Free) – A collection of screenshots of SaaS product interfaces.
  7. Webframe (Free) – Screenshots of web app design.
  8. Interface Index (Free) – A collection of interfaces.

Landing Page Inspiration

  1. One Page Love (Free) – The best resource for one-page website design.
  2. Landbook (Freemium) – A curated collection of beautiful landing pages.
  3. Landingfolio (Free + Paid) – High-quality landing page designs for inspiration.
  4. Lapa Ninja (Free) – Landing page design to inspire your next project.

E-commerce Site Inspiration

  1. Commerce Cream (Free) – Beautifully designed e-commerce websites.
  2. ecomm.design (Free) – A catalog of the best e-commerce web designs.
  3. Tiny blocks (Free) – Inspiring elements and components of e-commerce design.

Advertising Inspiration

  1. Steep (Free) – Examples of story design.
  2. Effortlessly (Freemium) – Showcasing effective and beautifully designed ads.
  3. Love the work more (Free) – A collection of award-winning advertising campaigns.
  4. Adfolio (Free) – Social ads for adaptation.

Portfolio Inspiration

  1. PFolios (Free) – Beautiful portfolio designs.
  2. Bestfolios (Free) – A collection of top-notch design portfolios.
  3. Prettyfolio (Free) – Inspiring portfolio design and case studies.
  4. Pafolios (Free) – Portfolios to get inspired by.


  1. 500px (Free) – A popular platform for discovering stunning photography.
  2. Behance (Photography) (Free) – A collection of creative and professional photography.
  3. Flickr (Free) – A community-driven platform with a large collection of photographs.
  4. YouPic (Free) – Inspiring photography from the global photographer community.
  5. Viewbug (Free) – A platform for finding award-winning photos.
  6. Unsplash (Free) – High-quality photos for inspiration, free to use.

Motion Design

  1. Showreelz (Free) – A collection of impressive motion design showreels.
  2. Eyecandy (Free) – Captivating animation and motion graphics.
  3. Art of the Title (Free) – Inspiring title sequence design from films and TV.


  1. Logobook (Free)