My Top 10 Chrome Extensions (Design)

My Top 10 Chrome Extensions (Design)

Extensions for finding inspiration, organizing the workspace, analytics, branding, as well as useful collections of tools.

Designer Daily Report

This extension will help you easily find inspiring references for your projects. Every day at 00:00 Pacific Time, a tab automatically opens in your browser with the latest report showcasing the most interesting websites, resources, portfolios, fonts, color palettes, branding examples, articles, projects from Dribbble and Behance, posts from Instagram, and even job listings.

365 Design Tips

An extension that sends useful design tips every day when you open a new tab in Chrome.

Mobile Simulator

This is a smartphone and tablet simulator for computers, featuring several models for testing websites adapted to mobile devices. Over 50 devices are available for testing. Simply visit the website, launch the extension, select the desired device, and see how the design will look at different resolutions. The simulator also has a feature for generating GIFs that demonstrate how your site will behave on the selected device.


Clueify helps you learn how to enhance your website's productivity without complex research and with ready-to-apply insights:

  1. Identify elements that attract the most attention;
  2. Evaluate how clear and appealing the design is;
  3. Launch A/B testing;
  4. Increase conversions or conduct competitor analysis.

The tool's creators claim that the accuracy of the results is 92%.

Fonts Ninja

This amazing extension identifies all the fonts on a webpage and provides you with all their properties. You can further explore a specific font and install it by clicking the Info/Install buttons on a special panel.

Designer tools

As a designer, you know how crucial it is to have the right set of tools at your disposal. This extension includes rulers, guides, and alignment buttons. You can also adjust settings, add grids, and even save your results. It's a real magic wand for your projects! 🪄

Unstack Style Guide

This extension is your free assistant for quick website analysis. With just one click, you receive information about the brand colors and fonts along with the corresponding page code values.


With this amazing Chrome extension, users can change any colors on a website. Simply select a color and replace it throughout the entire webpage. Additionally, the extension features a handy text editing mode.


This fantastic extension gathers all sources of inspiration and updates in one convenient place. Instead of keeping 10 different tabs open in your workspace, you can simply open Panda, explore all the materials, and save those you like!

Awesome Screen Recorder & Screenshot

This extension is my personal favorite. It allows you to take various screenshots (visible area, entire page, selected fragment) and record videos (screen, specific tab, camera+microphone). If you install the additional Sider extension (AI assistant), you can also quickly extract text from screenshots.