My Top Plugins for GPT

My Top Plugins for GPT

Today I will share my plugins for GPT chat. They are useful if you use GPT for everyday work.


Using the Expedia plugin, you can book flights, plan trips, rent cars, and book hotels.

Example prompts: "Suggest interesting places in Venice that are worth visiting?", "Recommend a five-star hotel in the Shinjuku area in Japan.


OpenTable can recommend the best restaurants in your area and book a table in advance.

Example prompts: "Where to try steaks in Lviv. Book a table at one of them", Book a table at an Italian restaurant in Odessa this Friday at 3:00 PM.


PromptPerfect automatically enhances prompts for ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, DALL-E 2, StableDiffusion, and MidJourney. To do this, simply enter the word "perfect" before the prompt


AskYourPDF helps users read their PDF files and extract the most valuable information from them. To do this, upload your document to the Ask Your PDF website, enter a prompt or question in ChatGPT-4, and also add the document identifier of the uploaded file


The Zapier ChatGPT plugin allows you to connect to over 5000 applications, such as Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack. To learn more about connecting and using the Zapier plugin, visit their website and explore its features.


Speak is a foreign language tutor based on artificial intelligence that will teach you to speak any language.

Show Me Diagrams

Using the plugin, users can extract information from 40 million peer-reviewed scientific articles, PDF files, and the latest research.


SpeechKi converts text into a ready-to-use audio file with multiple available voices, which are then accessible in a downloadable link format.


The plugin allows users to search for code on GitHub. Enter a search query, receive a code snippet, and a direct link to the repository.


The Canva plugin in ChatGPT can create visual elements, logos, banners, and templates for social networks.

And finally, by using plugins, you can refine your ability to handle specific requests and ensure you access 100% of the information you need. This targeted approach not only streamlines your workflow but also maximizes the effectiveness of your interactions with AI-powered tools, helping you achieve precise results with greater efficiency.